AI-Powered Interview Simulation (+ Real-Time Follow-Up Questions)

AI interview simulator Yoodli uses real-time follow-up questions.

Yoodli has been building generative AI to help you ace your next interview. We’re excited to share that you can now receive realtime follow-up questions as you prepare speeches and interviews on Yoodli.

Here’s why we think you’ll love it:

1) Prepare for impromptu questions: Use Yoodli’s “follow up-questions” to prepare for curveball questions that your interviewer or audience might ask you

2) See if you’re delivering your content: Follow up questions are based on your most recent answer. You can use them to see if the interviewer/ audience understood your message

3) Track your progress: You can practice as many times as you like and track your progress over time

AI powered interview follow ups

Go to Yoodli –> record interview –> toggle on “ask me AI follow ups” 


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